IDEAL brings you a whole new world of Evolved Learning.

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where studies become simpler,
interesting and more rewarding.

Our Laboratory.

A laboratory that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research can be done.

Our Class Room.

primarily to teaching or learning activities.



We are well equipped with laboratory equipments.


Chairman's Message

"In the last couple of decades, Science and technology has emerged as the most dynamic research oriented area in the world. Amidst this competitive scenario, we belive that there is a need to strive hard to keep up with the pace of technology development,taking place in the world, thus giving us the strength of a powerful nation with reference to Science and technology. The inception of this newly built engineering college 'ideal Institute of Technology' is the result of this objective."

About Ideal Foundation

Ideal Foundation was registered in the year 2003, in Mumbai with the registration number-20948 M. The people associated with the Foundation are engaged in rendering various types of social services, like Ideal group contributes substantial amount every year and donates it to a charitable institution which is not related to any religion or any political party.

Details of its Promoters including their Background

The promoters consist of professional educationalists; the chairman of the trust Professor Jagdish Walawalkar is commerce and law graduate as well as a chartered accountant and a company secretary and is teaching for more than 3 decades.

Academic Objectives

To produce competent Engineers having high technical facility, upgrading their capabilities in time with rapidly changing technological scenario and globalization.

With the growing branches in Engineering, the demand for engineering in India is at mass upsurge. And, requirement of the professionals in the area will increase in coming years. But, the number of students opting in the field is very low and the percentage of opting for research is at all time low. Looking at the scenario, the institute wishes to stress more on various research programs thus attracting the nation’s youth by assuring new opportunities in the industry

This unique practice wills enable aspiring engineers to explore to new ideas and learn the core skills in order to juggle easily in the challenging field of research projects.

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